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New nuget package uploaded

Some cool upgrades, I have uploaded updates to the nuget package for both EntityUi and EntityUi.Web, with the following changes:

  • For EntityUi, you no longer have to define the mapping for Automapper. If one doesn’t exist, the code automatically creates a default one. You can always create your own mapping, that that will be used.
  • Also in EntityUi, now you have Ajax methods for Edit, Update and Delete added to the controller. So basically you can now use Edit/Update/Delete on the same page using Ajax instead of redirecting to different actions… otherwise known as SPA.
  • EntityUi.Web now has a new view for the Ajax Controller. It loads Create and Edit in a Bootstrap Modal.
  • I also updated the Bootstrap package to the latest one, finally.

I am now working on a functional demo page for EntityUi. Hopefully will have it soon also.