Live Demo available now

I have (finally) launched the site with a functional live demo. The demo right now is very simple, and I will add a more complicated example later. But for now, you can see the code you have to write and the result that you get.


New nuget package uploaded

Some cool upgrades, I have uploaded updates to the nuget package for both EntityUi and EntityUi.Web, with the following changes:

  • For EntityUi, you no longer have to define the mapping for Automapper. If one doesn’t exist, the code automatically creates a default one. You can always create your own mapping, that that will be used.
  • Also in EntityUi, now you have Ajax methods for Edit, Update and Delete added to the controller. So basically you can now use Edit/Update/Delete on the same page using Ajax instead of redirecting to different actions… otherwise known as SPA.
  • EntityUi.Web now has a new view for the Ajax Controller. It loads Create and Edit in a Bootstrap Modal.
  • I also updated the Bootstrap package to the latest one, finally.

I am now working on a functional demo page for EntityUi. Hopefully will have it soon also.

Update on EntityUi

The nuget package crossed 500 downloads, so that’s probably good.

Just an update on what’s hopefully coming soon. I am working¬†on making EntityUi crud work with Ajax, instead of full form posts like right now. Were just moving more and more in to just Ajax requests, and form posts are causing me grief. This will be an addition, so I won’t remove what is already there.

I’m also going to replace AutoMapper. I think it’s a little heavy. I have a default mapper that is easy to use, so it will remove the need to write view model to data model mapper.