Instructions on how to use EntityUi

Here are the basic, general steps on how to use EntityUi for a new project:

1. Start a blank MVC project, and then add 2 Class Library Projects to the Solution, one for Domain Model, and the other for Repository.

2. Then add EntityUi from nuget to the Domain Project and Repository Project in the solution using the command “Install-Package EntityUi”.

3. Next add EntityUi.Web from nuget to the blank MVC Project, using the command “Install-Package EntityUi.Web”.

4. Add your Domain Model inheriting from DomainModelBase, your Data Context class and Repository Classes inheriting from RepositoryBase, and View Model classes inheriting from ViewModelBase.

5. Add your Controller, delete the default index method and just inherit it from “ControllerBase”.

6. Finally, write the mapping setup between the Domain and View Model objects in global.aspx.

You should be able to run your application after these steps. For complete details, see this Code Project article.


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