Been a while

Wow, it’s been a while. I was just busy with coding work that pays the bills.

Anyway, EntityUI has been in progress also. I launched, which is a site that I built using EntityUI and its conecpts.

However, the programming world changes very quickly. Since I started on EntityUI, a lot has changed. Apparently a lot of people think about the MVVM pattern 🙂 and they have come up with some excellent tools.

We now have knockout, and it’s awesome. ASP .Net Web Forms Controls are also pretty much dead (and for good reasons), so there is no point in building a Farmework for that platform.

So what does this mean for EntityUI? Well, its absolutely not dead! It’s actually all good news. I now plan to use knockout to implement what I wanted to achieve to start with, which is Rapid Application Development.

I’m working on a C# project with knockout, jQuery and bootstrap which will be a Rapid Application Development and Deployment platform for ASP .Net. Stay tuned for some code soon!