What is EntityUI?

Welcome to EntityUI.

EntityUI is basically an idea to be able to create User Interface in ASP .Net applications using Code First approcah. I think most programmers would agree that CRUD and Basic UI Interface is the most annoying and repetitive part of application design, especially for Business Applications. It is definitely for me.

Microsoft has been trying to address this for, well, forever and they come up with semi-decent tools. They have the GridView or FormView render the UI, and the CRUD quickly gets written with SQLDataSource. It’s awesome and works really well if you are going to throw a quick page and never maintain it, but it doesn’t work so well with real applications, with a well-designed tiered framework. Then we got Dynamic Controls, and the latest effort seems to be LightSwitch. I have a different idea on how to render UI, and I believe it’s simpler as it starts with the Class the developer writes, and it will be extremely flexible.

The ideal thing for me would be to write my class, and then just say .Save or .Load or .Render, and it should happen automagically. This is the idea behind EntityUI.

I had orginally started with the Save and Load design, but then Microsoft released Entity Framework 4.1 that introduced the Code First Approach, and it somewhat takes care of the CRUD. Believe it or not, I had a very similar design in mind. Anyway, they beat me to it, and since that’s available, I wanted to start on the UI part, which will give the developers a similar tool. The way it will work is that using the properties of a class, the EntityUI Framework will create the User Interface.

I have started a project, and I will post some code shortly. Also, since I work full time, I don’t have a lot of extra to spend on this. If anyone is interested, and wants to help out, please do write to me.